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The Gaydio Academy - Free Media Training

Welcome to The Gaydio Academy

Free training and skills workshops from one of the UK's largest digital media brands

Gaydio is the world's largest radio station for LGBT+ people, but alongside delivering everything you'd expect from a modern media company, we're committed to using our resources to help effect positive change in the places we broadcast to and the community that we represent. The Gaydio Academy forms one part of this mission.

Gaydio is a not-for-profit organisation, which means that money that might otherwise go to shareholders is invested in helping LGBT+ people throughout the UK through a variety of educational, cultural and personal development courses - provided at no cost to eligible participants.

COVID19 Update: Our projects are re-started using COVID-safe distance learning and development methods - browser the site and sign up today. 

The Gaydio Academy isn't offering courses in your area just yet (or you haven't set your location) - but you can get a flavor of what's on offer in Manchester and Brighton by looking through their mini-sites.