Gaydio Work Club: Sign-Up

Thanks for deciding to take part in the Gaydio Brighton Work Club 2021 August intake.

The European Social Fund part-funds this programme of training and support through the ESF Community Grants Programme. Attendance, progress and achievement data is fed back to the ESF in order to monitor The Gaydio Academy’s delivery of this project. The Awarding Agent for the project is LLC and they will share data electronically with OFSTED for this purpose.

There is a small amount of paperwork to complete – by reading the guidelines below you should find you have all the information you need.

To fill out the forms you’ll need Microsoft Word. This can be accessed online for free - ACCESS MICROSOFT WORD.

Firstly - please complete the attached initial ENGLISH and MATHS assessments – as these help us to make sure we’re able to build an individual learning plan together that takes in to account the skills and experience you bring with you – try not to feel intimidated by the process, as it’s just one of several ways we use to get to know you as we begin the project together. We can then discuss what you can do to further develop your skills, and your course advisor will reach out to you to do this.

There are no ‘existing skills’ entry requirements for our project’s learning aims – other than a willingness to participate, so anyone should be able to take part. The collaborative and creative elements of the programme that sit alongside conventional back-to-work and skills-building classes mean that everyone who takes part will finish the programme having helped to shape and create exciting multimedia content, developing new skills in the process. It is a requirement that you are currently not in employment or are economically inactive – and the enrolment form details the evidence required to substantiate this status. Should this status change during the programme of learning, please notify your course advisor.

There are a number of GAYDIO ACADEMY POLICIES and procedures that The Gaydio Academy uses to help guide our operation and how we interact with learners enrolled in our programmes of study. These can be viewed at any point here – and should you have any questions or suggestions, your course advisor will be more than happy to talk through them with you.

We’re a small cohort of just a few learners, and therefore despite the remote nature of the project’s delivery, there is always opportunity for learners to reach out to the course advisor who can offer support and guidance. The course advisor can also connect learners with others within the Gaydio Academy who can help to facilitate additional advice where sought. Please do reach out electronically should you have any questions or need any additional clarity at any point.

Because of the nature of delivering a project during an unpredictable global pandemic, there may be times when we have to deviate from our original plans to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. On these occasions, we’ll do our best to keep you informed and minimise impact.

Taking part in the Gaydio Academy Work Club will help you be better prepared to re-enter the jobs market or take on further accredited study to expand your learning. There is no formal assessment, but on project completion, your course advisor and The Gaydio Academy will be more than happy to respond to reference requests from prospective employers and further education establishments. The Gaydio Academy will proactively work with you to help you make the next steps on your chosen pathway.

You’re now ready to complete your ENROLLMENT FORM.

The bulk of the paperwork is behind you – though your course advisor will need to be shown some of your paperwork over Zoom or similar during their office hours. They’ll reach out when this is necessary.

If you are self-declaring your economic inactivity, you must also fill out a SELF DECLARATION and get a signature from a THIRD PARTY or FAMILY MEMBER to certify your statement.

Course Details

The course is delivered either weekly over ten weeks or over two-weeks with sessions every day Monday to Friday. Additional support is available where necessary outside of these hours. Because of the extensive use of e-learning, it is usually possible to catch up by re-playing a recorded session that you may have missed. If you aren’t able to attend for whatever reason, you should email your course advisor – as a first port of call. If you’d rather talk to someone other than your course advisor, you should email There are also formal opportunities to feed back on the course and its delivery so that the Gaydio Academy can adapt and learn from your experiences – these take place mid-way through the project.

To check that you’ve seen and understood everything we’ve detailed so far, you should now complete the learner INDUCTION CHECKLIST. If everything is in order – move on to the final step. If you have any questions or queries, reach out to your course advisor by email.

You’re now enrolled and should download your learner’s ACTIVITY TIME SHEET to log your progress on the Gaydio Academy Work Club. We’ve filled the first section out, covering the work that’s been achieved today, you just need to sign and add your own comments. You’ll hear from your course advisor electronically in due course.


Thanks for signing up - please email your completed paperwork across to your course advisor.

Welcome To The Gaydio Academy.