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Day 2 & 3 of the REAL Queens Visit to Ireland

After doing the show from Cork on Sunday night, we were up bright and early and off on the road to Dublin!

Now having lived in this country before, I thought Cork was a short little drive from the Capital....oh how wrong I was, its actually about 270km which took us around 3 hours to drive!

The up side of this, was we drove through some lovely countryside on the way here, accompanied by some truly awful radio should feel lucky to have Gaydio I can tell you that.

On the way, we called in to Blarney Castle, the home of the world famous Blarney Stone. The story goes, that anyone who kisses the stone will be blessed with vocal eloquence!

After climbing up the MANY steps to the top of the Castle, we met the 'Keeper of the Stone"...a man you NEED to trust, as he is stopping you from falling off the top the Castle.

The stone is actually on the outside wall of the Castle, and to kiss it, you have to lie down and bend over backwards, with the 'holder' grabbing your legs to stop you from falling!

I was a bit concerned about the hygeine of all these peoples lips touching the stone, but fortunatley the nice man sprayed the stone with disinfectant before my lips touched it (I can still taste the Detol!)

We eventually arrived at the Port Town of Dun Laoghaire, where the ferries etc take you across to North Wales.

I was very excited when I read the itinerary to see that I would be spending 4 nights in a Royal Marine....not a uniformed fitty, but one of Dublins most historic and beautiful hotels.

Queen Victoria stayed here and had a 16 course breakfast, now you see why she is always pictured sitting down...I guess after that amount of food, she couldnt get up off her fat arse!

Comedy legends Laurel and Hardy stayed here whilst doing a charity gig, and managed to blag the hotel for 33 weeks (they must have had an amazing agent to get that as part of the deal)

Frank Sinatra when staying here, took full advantage of the bar! 

After arriving and checking in, we drove into Dublin and I gave Toby my sightseeing tour of all the cool places, and then went to a lovely Tapas Restaurant recommended by one of our Dublin Listeners Joe!

After wandering around, it was time for bed!

Here are some pictures from our Monday Adventures


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