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Glamour model Lisa Heart interviewed by Samantha valentine

Glamour model and Knight Rider replica car owner Lisa Heart talks to project pride volunteer Samantha......

Hi Lisa would you like to tell me about yourself?
I grew up in Potters Bar but moved to Dunstable. I now do TG modelling, run my own car hire business and also run TEAM TG which is a group that goes to various events to promote trans awareness and links people into helpful websites.

What made you go into modelling?
Well I did my 1st shoot when I was around 18 and I liked the pictures so much that I did more over the years. It was on and off though as not many photographers were interested in TS's even though I looked awesome. I did put myself out there but no one seemed interested, but lately as I have turned 30 I seem to be getting more photographers contacting me. I then thought about doing photographs that women have always done like the implied nudes, glam, fashion etc. In the past of course I did all the usual porn pics and videos but that’s boring, more TS's should use their looks for more.

So what made you get the replica knight rider car? 
It was purely the right price ha ha!

What's the response you get from the public?
What in KITT?  Well very good  - I get mobile phones coming out as am driving along and I even got a video on you tube filmed by a random called KITT m25. Everyone loves it when he starts speaking.
My response from public when I am out with TEAM TG is all every accepting and I get questions from mainly women about various TG things he he -  but it’s all good.

You’re at sparkle for the first time - what are you looking forward to? 
Meeting the new people and letting them know about TEAM TG and my car hire biz.

What would you like for people to take away from seeing you, and do you see yourself as a role model? 
I would like to think they got an experience with me and the TEAM and opened their eyes a bit to new ideas and got some useful info from the TEAM TG website. 
Role model mmmm I just want to let the TG community know that you can do things outside the TG community like go to modified car shows and if you’re a model then get into doing promo with TEAM TG and have some fun. Bring along your modified car and if I get at least 6 cars I can create a stand and make TEAM TG one of the many cruiser clubs that go to these events plus we can show up to other events to show off our teams cars and hand the leaflets out. 
Many photographers are conforming more to TS's as I think we look just as good as any girl, may be more so in some cases, and that’s great. I want to try and get more photographers into it as shooting women has become a bit tired I think we’ve seen it all before kinda thing. TG's are it BABY!!! 

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