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12 WKS Half Price Personal Training

£1,000.00 £500.00

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Looking to increase your physical strength and fitness - whilst watching out for your overall wellness and mental health? Looking to return to the gym after a break during lockdown, but with focus and guidance? Working out at home and would like to add structure and get help to set and reach goals? A three-month personal training package with Mind.Muscle.Motive can help.

Remote' Training Via App
Get one-on-one training and feedback as you would in the gym, but over webcam wherever you work out.
12+ Hours 'Virtual' Face2Face
Get twelve hours of training over three months, with support and guidance between sessions via text.
Free Videos
Free to stream instructional videos in between face-to-face sessions, plus custom created plan.
Track Results
And transformation photos via dedicated app as you progress through the programme.
Weekly nutritional guidance and macro targets with follow-up support included.

About Reece - Mind.Muscle.Motive

I have installed my knowledge and fitness secrets into creating a 12 week program that leads men to take control of their body and in turn their mental health through a journey of healthy living, transforming towards a confident state of mind and body. Together we work at removing the need for perfection that so many of us feel from an early childhood, and focus our energy on gradual progress to create healthy habits and behaviours that over time will stick. My 12 week Fitness To Freedom program can help transforms you into a better version of yourself.

This program works for my clients - and can work for you - because it allows absolute control of everything related to fitness.

Reece has helped me get stronger and leaner - even whilst on a lockdown! I would highly recommend him to you for an effective workout! More than anything else he is fun to work out with! Amazing...


I'm able to track your workouts, nutrition, and measurements with ease, and provide you with the accountability that you need. It also works fantastically whether you choose to work out at home or at the gym.

You might be intimidated by the gym environment, this program is great because you can workout from the comfort of your own home, and still get the push you need to get to your goals with my tailored program.

Then when or if you are ready we can move on to tackling the gym with the same weekly structure but with more varied exercises. A big part of what I do is also working out my client's nutritional targets, this is a massive factor which is often ignored by many trainers, but is a driving force in bringing you the success you're looking for. We also do weekly virtual work out sessions to keep you motivated alongside weekly check ins to make sure that we can discuss things like biggest wins, struggles, and what we can work towards next week.

Passionate in what he does, knowledgeable and supportive. He managed to transform my weaknesses into advantages and to push me to new levels. It's helping already. A positive step forward...


We connect by an app where we log transformation photos, measurements, weigh-ins, as well as the 12 week program along with instructional videos.

You can message me and get a response from me each day, which means I'm easily accessible to make training and your nutrition easier to track and manage, ultimately leading to a confident body and mind.

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