BibleGirl has taken the internet by storm and this year, she's heading to DragWorld in London! We had a little chat to find out more about this self-proclaimed "Internet Reality Trash". Be sure to check her out on Instagram and Twitter!


What’s it like having such a strong online fanbase?

Having the broad and dedicated online fanbase such as the one that I’ve grown into with over the past 4 years is so surreal! Often times, I ask what exactly I’ve done to cause others to pick up what I’m putting down— that said I’m so grateful because without their commitment or engagement, my career as is stands wouldn’t be where it is today!



Your name is so unique, how did you come up with BibleGirl666?

Thanks! My name came about as mocking over the top AOL chatroom and Myspace usernames of yesteryear (2007). A lot of my drag inspirations come from finding satire in internet celebrity and pop culture and how both concepts exist within the online landscape. In recent years, I’ve dropped the 666 when being announced or introduced at venues as the extra 3 syllables tend to leave people (including myself) tongue tied, hahahahaha!



How did you find guest judging on the last season of Dragula? What do you think of the competition?

I LOVED guest judging on Dragula. I think the competition is important for the drag industry at large. As the drag market is ever-expanding into a more global, mainstream market, I think it is crucial to have a counter culture to what was initially a counter culture. The show has helped broaden the perspectives of drag fans, both old and new! I’m very excited to see where Dragula goes in the future.



DragWorld UK takes place at London’s Olympia on 18th & 19th August -  for your chance to meet & greet Bible Girl up close and personal, book your tickets via 


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