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The Exchange: Monday's Running Order


Monday's running order

What we talked about on Monday 12 January...



The British armed forces will be asking its new recruits to disclose their sexuality in a drive to tackle homophobia. The Ministry of Defence admits that it doesn’t know how many LGBT people are in the ranks since it lifted the ban on them serving openly in 2000.

But would you tell your prospective employer that you were LGBT?



New research commissioned by a charity to highlight the difference between ‘essentials’ in the West compared with those in developing countries, has found that six out of 10 people say they could not go a day without access to the internet, while a similar number say they could not survive without their mobile phone.



Ex EastEnders star Sam Strike – who played gay character Johnny Carter – says he quit the soap because he didn’t think his character was ‘necessary’. The 20-year-old won acclaim for a storyline that saw him come out to his father.



Scientists have found that by just watching another person shiver, it can cause our own temperature to drop, as they claim mimicking a person’s reaction helps us to empathise with them.



Hundreds of people were shocked to hear this weekend about a group of gay football fans who were lured to a meeting before a match and attacked – but it appears the story, which went viral on social media and was picked up by numerous national newspapers, was someone's idea of a 'joke'.

Have you ever been a victim of a homophobic attack online?



A gay couple from Scotland have spoken of their disbelief of being told they are still banned in law from having a same-sex marriage, after they wanted to convert their civil partnership they had in Northern Ireland.



Gone are the days when we were simply meat-eaters or vegetarians... over the past few years, soaring numbers of people have opted to become vegan for example, but now we’re seeing the rise of the reducetarian - someone who cuts back on meat, but doesn't give it up entirely.



A new poll has found the average man wears his for almost two weeks in a row before washing them, while women wear the same set for 17 days. But a hygienist has warned wearing 'dirty' pyjarmas can lead to skin infections, cystitis and MRSA.



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