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Ways that you can listen to Gaydio

There are loads of ways to listen to Gaydio;

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DAB Digital Radio
You can get Gaydio on DAB Digital Radio in London (and the home counties), Brighton*, Portsmouth*, Cambridge, North Birmingham*, Manchester* and Glasgow.

If you can't see us on your station list, then hold down the 'scan' button for 5 seconds so your radio does a full search.

*note that in some areas we are on DAB+ that means that not all equipment will pick up services broadcasting in the 'plus' format. Check your equipment to see if you can receive our service on DAB+ as well as regular DAB

On FM 
Gaydio is on FM throughout Greater Manchester on 88.4FM.

Internet Radio
You can get Gaydio on your internet radio, either by searching the directory or entering the stream addresses below.

Mobile Phones & Tablets
Get the Gaydio App in your store on iOS or Google Play. You can also get us on third party apps such as UK Radio Player and Tune-in Radio

iTunes & Apple TV
You can access Gaydio directly through iTunes - simply click on 'radio' on the left hand side, navigate to the 'Top 40/ Pop' category and and click on Gaydio. You can also find us on Apple TV in this way

Smart TV
If your smart TV has TuneIn radio, you can find us on that.

Direct Stream Addresses
The majority of Gaydio can be heard throughout the UK online, FM and DAB. However, some of our North West of England shows are different (for example, we offer a 80's, 90's and more speech based programming in the evening) where as the UK service will continue our great dance and pop music. 

Our stream addresses are:

For Our UK service

MP3 (128k) stream
(best for listening if you prefer high quality or have a wifi or wired connection)

MP3 (48k) stream
(best if you are mobile)

MP3 (24k stream  
(best if you have a low mobile signal or are using dial-up)

For Our North West England Service

MP3 (128K) Stream

(best for listening on a computer or internet radio, or if you device doesn't support AAC)

AAC+ (32k) Stream
(best for mobile listening as it give the same great quality, but with less break up, especially if you're walking around)

MP3 (64k) Stream
(best for dial-up, or mobile if you have a weak mobile signal)

If you're behind a firewall (such as work or some open networks) and still struggle then try this stream
If you're still struggling, please send us an email to and we will try our best to help out.

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