Chris Holliday at Christmas...

A huge thank you for all the Christmas email and texts. I hope you enjoyed our Christmas day special from The Horse and Jockey in Chorlton - it was a lot of fun to record with everyone entering into the 'spirit' of the occasion - some more than others... gin, vodka, meths...

I had a marvellous birth of Christ -  spent it with friends down in London – something I would highly recommend. Don’t get me wrong I love my family but with friends there’s less stress and confrontation and more step-touching and cosmos. What more could a man want?


I did well on the gift front – no 'ooh this is lovely thanks... did you happen to keep the receipt' moments, just plenty of gayest moments. Here’s one for you – just take a look at my present pile – a new bag for the gym, CK PJ bottoms, a pink bar of soap, new fragrance, a 'camp classic’ DVD collection and Dannii Minogue’s autobiography. Do my friends know me well? Yes. Are they aware I am homosexual? I’m thinking... yes.


Hope you had a great one. I’m live on Breakfast until Friday, more best bits for you on bank holiday Monday - before usual service starts again next Tuesday.


If you’re suffering from post Christmas blues then this picture of Julia in her new bling jacket should help you smile... Debbie McGee would be proud.


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