About Jeff


Jeff Graham has worked in radio longer than he cares to remember...and longer than most people can actually remember. He claims to have seen it, done it, read the book, eaten the T-shirt and worn the take-away meal.

Jeff started his career at BBC Radio Scotland and has worked on Radio Luxembourg, the original Capital Radio in London, Atlantic 252 and BBC Radio One amongst others, having shared a studio with many radio greats from Chris Tarrant to Kenny Everett, Alan 'Fluff' Freeman to Chris Evans, Noel Edmonds to Steve Wright and Chris Moyles to Peter Powell.

His Sunday afternoon show: Choonz n Cheek, is a heady mixture of new and recent releases with the best of the current pop/dance/EDM hits along with Jeff's sharp wit looking at the weeks news and events.

Jeff's other Gaydio programme is EDM Saturday; 2 hours of fresh Electronic Dance Music at 4am on Saturday morning.

If you missed this week's shows, don't forget you can listen to them on demand at www.soundcloud.com/ichuff ...and yes, Jeff really does have an M.B.E. although he claims to have met more than one Queen!


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