About LJ

LJ has been working in entertainment since 2003. She started her career working as a sports coach for a holiday company. She travelled all over Europe, coaching kids and generally having a flippin’ fabulous time!

LJ was then asked if she would like to move over to the entertainment side of the company, and before they could finish the question, she was on stage with a microphone in her hand wondering why it had taken them so long to ask!

After 5 years, 100’s of beers and countless hours of bikini clad fun, she returned to the UK and moved to Brighton. It was there she kicked off her radio career, co-hosting a sports show on Brighton’s Juice.fm.

After a year of Brighton loveliness, LJ headed back up north to pursue her career in media more seriously.

Alongside doing ‘LJ in the afternoon’ here on Gaydio, she works for 2 radio stations in Preston and Wigan, and is studying for a degree in Journalism. She also works as a sports reporter for her local paper, writing updates and post match reports on Blackburn Rovers FC.

LJ also hosted on the Women’s Stage at Manchester pride this year - an evening and moment of 2012 that she is extremely proud of.

When she isn’t working or studying, LJ loves being outdoors and just generally having a lovely time. ‘I’m a bit of a kid at heart, and I’ve always been a free spirit. If I could just run around in my pants and play games all day, I would! Be thankful there are laws in this country that prevent me from doing that…it’s not the prettiest of sights…!’

Below are a few extracts from ‘the philosophy of life according to LJ’:

Sundays were created for bacon butties, football, roast dinners, a drink or 2 with friends and family, getting outdoors, and just general loveliness.

Always believe in yourself and never put limits on what you can achieve. You are amazing. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Create positivity, and positivity will follow you. Be a miserable so and so, and your day will forever have a rain cloud! Smile kids! 

Last but not least: No matter how broke you are, always buy quality loo roll – for many reasons, it’s just a great call.

Have an awesome day, and remember to tune in every afternoon 1 till 4 here on Gaydio. See you there!

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