Carl Spencer

  Carl has worked on the radio all over the UK. Nice places like Leeds and Liverpool and horrid places like Sheffield and Wrexham. The best place in the world he has ever worked is MANCHESTER!
He started his radio career in Liverpool doing an overnight show at the top of a tower. Two weeks in he went on the staff do and turned up at work and fell asleep on air. Thankfully the bosses forgave him!
He has presented a radio show from an airship. He once gave £33,000 away on air to a lady who guessed the mystery noise was the opening of a Vaseline tub.

These radio profiles are always written to make the presenter sound cool. So things Carl has never ever told anyone in a biography:

He used to be West Yorkshires under 16 Bowls champion.
He is a plane spotter and owns an air-band radio.
He has a pay – as - you go phone.


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