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How Resort 12 could help you

September is suicide prevention month, Jessie and Matt from breakfast spoke with councillor Stuart Fenton at Resort 12 about a range of topics that affect LGBT+ people. If you need some help, take a listen below to subjects including; suicide, chemsex and internalised homophobia. 


Why are LGBTI SUICIDE rates higher?
Why do LGBTI people see this as the only solution?
Is it related to drugs? Or mental health?
Does Chem sex play a role here?
What are the main drivers in LGBT people who choose suicide?

Hear the answers to all of these questions below.


Issues that face Transgender people

What are the main reasons Trans people come to Resort 12? 
How do you work with trans people at Resort 12? 
Do you get more Male to Female or Female to Male entering treatment?
Are there common themes trans people talk about?
Are their secondary issues that are common to trans people after addictions?


What’s the history of this behaviour?
What are the reasons you see people engaging in these behaviours ?
Is Chemsex bad everywhere or just the UK?
How do you work with someone coming into resort 12 who engages in Chem sex?
How long does a chem sex client need in treatment generally?
What are the worst aspects that a person at their rock bottom with chem sex might be presenting with?
If the client comes to you in Thailand to work on this issue how do you support them when they return home to their home country?
Does loneliness factor as a main reason people engage in Chemsex?

Hear the answers to all of these questions below.

So called 'Internalise Homophobia'

How prevalent is it?
What exactly is it?
How do you work with this at Resort 12?
What originating conditions predispose a person to become homophobic towards themselves?
Can women experience this too?
The recent film “Love Simon” could be said to draw on a subtle idea of internalised homophobia in the main character do you agree?
Where do u see this quality is LGBTI people’s behaviour?

Hear the answers to all of these questions below.

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