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Alex Goldberg

Alex Goldberg  

Gaydio's entertainment reporter Alex Goldberg is in Copenhagen for us, and sends his 'ones to watch' acts at this year's Eurovision Song Contest...

The Enemies- Armenia & Azerbaijan



Armenia is the bookies' fave to win the whole darn thing. It's a modern-sounding, drum n bass affair with highly dramatic staging (from the very early rehearsals we've seen). Armenia have never won Eurovision before, and this really could be their year. However, the artist Aram MP3 did get into some trouble when he made some disparaging remarks about the Austrian drag queen with a beard Conchita Wurst. He's since apologised.


Azerbaijan is Armenia's lifelong nemesis, as the two have disputed territory that's caused major tension. The Azeri's have sent a very typically Eurovision ballad: inoffensive & fronted by a beautiful young woman. It's nothing special really, but I've learned to NEVER count Azerbaijan out!

Alex's Personal Pick - Hungary

This one is going to surprise everyone on the night. If you listen to all 37 entries back-to-back without any visual representation to judge, this is by far the best song. In my opinion. The guy fronting it is genuinely beautiful (swoon!) and can sing live excellently. HOWEVER - the subject matter of the tune is a tad on the serious side- it's about child abuse! Eek- not very Family Friendly Saturday Night Telly - material. Expect big things from this though if he can lighten up on The Big NIght, performance-wise.

The Island That Adores Eurovision - Malta

Malta LOVES Eurovision. After attending their National Selection for Eurovision a few years back, I can attest that the Maltese are absolutely bonkers for the Eurovish. It would mean the world to them to win (they've never pulled off a victory). But this could be their best chance in a long time. It's a Mumford & Sons affair, with a World War I tribute added in for extra emotional punch. It would be wonderful to see Malta finally win!

Land of £10 Pints - Norway

Norway are sending a scruffy trucker named Carl. It's a boring ballad. It could win. Norway is VERY expensive and this Eurovision expert would happily NOT return in 2015. And that's that.

So Close But So Far No Euro - Love: Romania

Another country that's come close many a time, Romania do well at Eurovision though they've never managed a victory. One of the closest to winning attempts was in 2010 with an OTT duet from Paula Seling & Ovi. They came 3rd with a fabulously camp performance on a perspex piano. And now they're back. The 2014 entry is even more OTT (Yay!) and though it's a bit shouty, Paula can really sing. I'd be happy to see this win for another country that loves Eurovision.

The Big 6 Contenders- Denmark, UK & Spain

So the Big 6 as they're known are the 5 Automatic Qualifiers + the host country. Which of these WON'T win FOR SURE? Well that's Germany, Italy, & France. Denmark, the host, are sending a Bruno Mars-a-like and he's quite sweet. It might be too much of a Bruno copycat though


from The X Factor UK. Yep, UK not Spain. Dannii Minogue mentored this fabulous Spanish treat of a woman, and Simon Cowell enjoyed a good flirt with her. She is an AMAZING singer in case you've forgotten, and though her song is a bit standard, she definitely stands a chance. Spain often don't try when it comes to Eurovision, but this year Team Ruth are representing Espana very well indeed!

The UK - YES. THE UK!!!

Molly has shown herself to be nothing but professional, lovely, humble, and she has a fabulously raspy & contemporary vocal on our entry. The Eurovision fans LOVE this song, and hopefully Europe will pick up the phones for her. I predict that the professional juries (who make up 50% of the vote these days) will score this highly. I think Top 10 is definitely within Molly's sights!

Get the low down on our special guests:

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1: Armenia

2: Azerbaijan

3: Hungary

4: Malta

5: Norway

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