The Exchange: Wednesday's Running Order


Wednesday's running order

What we talked about on Wednesday 4 February...



A Christian group authorised by UKIP has claimed that being gay is a vice, and that Manchester Pride is a parade of wickedness. The fringe group of UKIP, called Christian Soldiers, distributed a newsletter that lays into the Pride parade, claiming that gay people are sodomites.

But should religious groups be advocated by political parties? 



New Zealand judge, Lowell Goddard has been named as the new head of the inquiry into historical child sex abuse in England and Wales.


The BBC has commissioned their first ever transgender sitcom: “Boy Meets Girl.” The series has been commissioned by BBC2 after a nationwide talent search for new writers to create a script that promoted a positive portrayal of transgender characters.



Students at the University of East Anglia are about to become the envy of their stressed, hungover and sleep-deprived counterparts across the UK. Today, the UEA has become the first university in the country to have its own nap room.



Yesterday Labour announced plans to make sex and relationships compulsory in all state schools, in a bid to tackle homophobia and sexual abuse. The Mail’s front page response claims “Children aged five will have sex education classes if Labour win the election.”

How much influence do tabloids have?



A quick search on Instagram today reveals more than 228 million photos tagged with the hashtag #selfie. But which US states, and UK towns are the most vain when it comes to posting photos of themselves? 



American rapper Azaelia Banks has mocked people who label her a homophobe – because she makes more money. 



Millions of young children dreamed about being Ariel while watching the Disney film as a child, but few did much more than request the doll on their Christmas list.  But for some, the appeal of a mermaid is clearly much stronger.  




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