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Simon Ramsden

Known to many as Rambo, Simon Ramsden is the Tuesday night presenter on The Exchange.

A stand up comedian by profession, he can often be found on the stage at many of the North West’s comedy clubs, including Manchester's prestigious Frog & Bucket comedy club, and indeed all around the UK. His successful 2013 sell out show ‘Going In, Coming Out’, performed as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe, was widely received by critics.

Simon joined Gaydio back in 2010, originally presenting the monthly Sports Exchange show. He was a playing member of The Village Manchester Football Club, and regularly interviewed members of Manchester's LGBT sports clubs.


Kate McCabe

Stand-up comic Kate McCabe moved to Manchester from the US 8 years ago with her Scottish partner - putting the wheels in motion shortly after George W Bush was elected for a second term as President!

Growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, Kate studied theatre arts at New York University. And following her passion for stand-up comedy, Kate continued to make us laugh, perforning throughout New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New Jersey and the UK. You can now find her hosting her own alternative comedy night Sidekick Comedy (www.sidekickcomedy.com) in Manchester's Gay Village, and also performing improv with ComedySportz - the Manchester-based comedy troupe who battle it out for the biggest laughs.

When not at work, Kate enjoys eating pizza, worshipping her cat - Kitty Sanchez, and burying her head in comic books and video games.



Drew Tosh

Drew Tosh moved to Manchester from Scotland in 2011. He dabbled in radio during his university years, and now finds himself once again in front of the microphone as a panelist on The Exchange.

His main line of work has been in arts marketing and public relations, although he is proud to report that he has had almost 70 jobs in a career he often describes as being ‘all over the place’.

Drew says: “I’d even work for food, should any would-be future employers be listening!”

Music has always been a lifelong passion and Drew’s also embraced the internet, creating his own blog (gnomesandpineapples.wordpress.com) where he firmly believes that almost every problem can be made better by trifle.


Issy Allison

Issy Allison developed a passion for radio shortly after discovering a love for the sound of her own voice - which she admits was quite convenient!

She has recently graduated from Salford University with a degree in Journalism, and it was there that she met fellow Gaydio presenter Mark Willis along with a bunch of other strange media creatures.

As is the Maxonian tradition, Issy returned to Macclesfield after finishing uni and now lives with her cat, Wallace. When she's not selling wicker furniture to older middle-class couples, she can be found topless in Cruz or sat in her room pining after Tilda Swinton and Annie Lennox.

Issy is a keen landscape photographer and charity fundraiser, and thinks it is important to mention this in her biog, as it makes her sound like an interesting, well-rounded individual - as opposed to the "mental chainsaw lesbian with a God-complex".


Cleo Taurus

A self-confessed bad girl, Cleo Taurus hung up her knuckle-duster and reached for her frying pan!

She’s one of the Camp Cooks (www.campcooks.co.uk), a band of touring female impersonators who travel around the UK in their trusty 1968 Airstream named ‘Priscilla’.

“Cooking for Philip and Holly on ITV’s This Morning, and making popcorn with Alan Titchmarsh has probably been the highlights of the Camp Cooks so far,” says Cleo.

When she’s not cooking for the festival masses, Cleo loves to dedicate her time to finding out what makes the LGBT community ticks, researching personal stories for Gaydio documentaries.

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