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Chasing Dragons


Chasing Dragons are a new band happy to be performing at Pride. 
Find out all about the Leeds based, female fronted, rocket-fuelled, hard rock band!

To find out more 'like' the group's Facebook - musicchasingdragons
follow them on Twitter - @xChasingDragons 


Why did you want to perform at Sheffield Pride?
We performed a couple of years ago in 2011 and that was one of our favourite shows to date, we're so excited to be back on the bill to celebrate the day with a bit of rock and roll!

Are you LGBT or a Straight ally?
We're half and half! Tank and Kate are loud and proud, Ant and Mitch are straight but very comfortable allies.

What are your thoughts on Gay Marriage?
We're all for it! It's great that the LGBT community are FINALLY getting recognition from the government and it should always be about equal rights. It's not about wanting to be married, but it shouldn't be a case where on every application for anything, "civil partnership" is a tick box. Marriage should be and is for everyone; It's about time!

How far would you go for gay rights?
We'd go as far as we believed was necessary. Gay rights, straight rights, racism, bullying, fat, thin; it's all just prejudice. Chasing Dragons will always stand firm for what we believe in and we're all for equality and stamping out the misinformed and prejudiced opinions.

Who would be your dream duet?
For me (Tank - Vocals) I'd have to say I'd love to do a duet with Pink... It would be an absolute honour.

Who is the most famous person you've ever met?
Hmmmm... We've met a fair few; being in a band, you travel a lot! It was pretty cool getting to meet the guys and gal from Halestorm last year though!

What has been your most outrageous stage moment?
Haha, well we've had a few but when we launched our debut EP "Take Flight For A Firefight", in our last song we had a stage invasion! Everybody climbed up onstage with us and were doing these crazy head-banging dances, it was great!

Are you a "show ‘n’ go” act, or will you be sticking around for the rest of Sheffield Pride?
We always stick around! Unless we have another show to play on the same day, we always end up in the crowd, so make sure you come and say hey!

What kind of preparation do you go through before you take to the stage?
Our set takes months of rehearsal, we do take pride in giving you guys the best show we have to offer and being in a band is our lives, not just a hobby


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