IT Network & Azure Contract Engineer

Here at Gaydio, due to our recent growth, we're looking for a contract IT engineer to overhaul our systems so they work best for us, and to remain a contractor for any other ad-hoc work.

We're looking for someone who is able to understand the needs and demands of a un-interupted service. Our Network Infrastrucure needs looking at and support to help maximise the Azure Active Directory we have started implement for ease of use to the end user.

We'd be looking for someone to spend an initial few days configuring our current set up, then provide on going support as and when needed.


  • Understanding of a live broadcast envinronment and the knock on effects of system changes
  • Extensive knowldge of Local Area Networks, VLANS, Network shares.
  • Great knowledge of cloud hosted Azure Active directory, user permissions and Endpoint delivery.

We're a not for profit, and serve the LGBTQ+ community, the work you put in will help us serve this community better.

If you or a business you work for are interested in helping the UK's LGBTQ+ Station, please fill in the form below. 



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