We're coming to DAB*, BAB!

Exciting times! We're pleased to let you know that from Autumn 2022, you'll be able to get Gaydio across Birmingham on DAB Digital Radio. We have actually been broadcasting in the North of the City from a transmitter in Castle Vale since 2015 as part of Ofcom trial - that went way over the 2 year trial period that was intended, while Westminster and Ofcom put the necessary legislation through parliament. Finally in 2022 though, the new digital transmitters will launch, and you'll get us wherever you are across Birmingham & much of the West Midlands… exciting times!
*Well technically D.A.B+ Digital Radio, but that wasn't quite as catchy!

Why am I here? What actually is Gaydio?
Good question! We're the LGBTQ+ Station for the UK - broadcasting in cities across the country (with more in the pipeline). We don't just talk about LGBTQ+ stuff - we talk from an LGBTQ+ perspective. Our music is an upbeat mixture of dance and pop, the sort of stuff you'd find whether dancing in the club or your kitchen but with our own unique twist. We also champion LGBTQ+ artists, highlight stories about and relevant to our community and talk and reflect events that you go to.

WHEN WHEN WHEN is this happening?
It's actually happening now Bab! In total we will be on 12 new digital radio transmitters covering the city. We don't control or own these - they put out loads of stations. As of September 2022 2of these transmitters are live (from Castle Vale and Aston). As more get switched on between now and the end of the year, you'll get us further and more robustly without breaks.

How can I get you? I don't have a DAB radio
Many new radios and car stereos have a DAB+ function, so simply switch to that and look for Gaydio (sometimes this might be under a heading saying (North Birmingham, South Birmingham or Dudley & Stourbridge) - save us as a favourite when you find Gaydio and we will stay with you if you move around. Some older DAB radios might not be able to pick up DAB+ (DAB plus) though. Remember that our network of transmitters won't be fully up and running until the end of 2022, so if you can't get us yet, try again soon.

If you don't have a radio - don't worry, you can still listen to us on our website (Gaydio.co.uk), download our Apple or Google app or simply as your smart speaker to 'play Gaydio'.

Can I get on air?
Sure, if you've something to talk about then let's see how we can do this. We have opportunities (some paid, many voluntary) available - click here to apply. If you're an artist with music too, then you can find details about submitting songs here

Will Gaydio be talking about Birmingham?
Whilst we talk about LGBTQ+ life and everything that goes on across the UK, we'll make sure we focus on hot topics in Birmingham, with specific elements on air purely focussed on Birmingham LGBTQ+ life as well.  We champion LGBTQ+ life all year round, and if there's something of interest in Birmingham be sure we'll be chatting about it on air.

Can I advertise my event/business/ service on air?
Absolutely! From October we will have unique ad-breaks covering our Birmingham transmitters. That means that you can talk to a local audience, or if you want to reach wider, can go on our other transmitters across London, Brighton, Manchester, Scotland or any of combination of these. You can find out more about advertising here

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