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Not Quite Right

Sam's story from LGBT+ @Sky

I always knew growing up there was something not right, but I ignored it for a long time.
I was far too scared to come out while I was at school, so I kept it in, which did make things harder for me.  I started to act up and school just didn’t bother about my education. Once I left school, I got a job in a local gym and still hadn’t come out, but this was when it started coming to the surface more.
Once joining Sky, I decided I had to do it because I was in a good job and didn’t want to let this affect it. I didn’t know how to tell people, what to say or how anyone would react, so I watched YouTube videos. I watched a guy called Sam Collins over and over, he is a transgender guy who is out and is happy in himself and so confident. His videos helped me in first telling one of my friends, my friend actually took it very well which was great.

I then moved onto my family; at first, some of them did think I wasn’t serious about it but as time went on they realised that I was, and now they are 100% behind me. There is always certain people and family members who won’t accept it which is hard at first but it’s important to focus on the people who are behind and who do care.

The next steps were telling colleagues at work. I told my manager at the time, so after that she took the team and me away and we told the team together. Everyone was very open mined about the whole situation which I was not expecting so it was great. I remember telling one of the boys in my team and I didn’t think it would go down well but the first thing he said was “you're one of the boys anyway”. 
Sky have been great, there were no issues with using the men’s toilets as soon as I came out.  They only time I have struggled a little was with my voice at the start, it was still very high pitched and customers were always referring to me as ‘she’, but as time has went on, it did get better. 
About 7 months ago I moved into a new team with a new manager, I had all the same people who were in my last team as we were MA’s but my new team did have a lot of adults, so I was nervous as I knew I would have to explain my situation again.

My new manager was very supportive and he's only seen me as Sam, while my new team just took it on and everyone is so supportive. I expected it to be a lot worse coming out at Sky and having so many different people around me but everyone has been great!  I am grateful for the people at my work and my family as they know me as "Sam the boy", not "Sam the transgender boy", which I think is important as I don’t feel I’m any different than any other guy.  I think the main thing is that there will always be someone to support you, so cling onto those people.

The sooner you accept yourself and start being yourself that’s when your life starts, there is no need to hide who you are, even though the thought of being who you are can be scary.

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