Tips for Applying

We want to give you the chance to sparkle and find out about how amazing you would be in the role, but many good people don't move to interview stage as they didn't shine on their application form. So if you follow these tips, it'll give you the best chance to get an interview....and hopefully get a job with us...

- We want to hear about you, so please don't use any form of AI (like ChatGPT or Bard) to write your application. We do run applications through a checker and reject any that are AI written

- Give plenty of detail. We score each question against the criteria in the person specification. if your answers are less than 200-300 words then you've probably not given the right level of detail

- Use example of how you meet the person specification, not just statements to say that you do meet them

- Be honest around any areas that you don't have the desired experience

- Watch your spelling and grammar. We're not looking for it to be perfect, but in most roles you'll be communicating with clients and we need to be confident that you're at a good level of English

- If you're unsure about your application then get someone to read it before you send it in

We also appreciate that some people require additional help and support and so if you're struggling then reach out to us and we'd be happy to accommodate where ever we can.

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