Sweet FA

Huddersfield boy done God, Sweet FA(he/him) is the answer to the question, what would happen if Alan Bennett did Sister Act? He's a love letter to queer Catholics, he's just a Holy fool, and he'll be your Father Figure, baby (with your consent, OFC.) Described as "so wholesome, it's punk" he uses comedy and music to skewer the church, state and kyriarchy, and to preach queer love and acceptance.

He's competed in Man Up, Hay Babes, and is the current winner of Not Another Drag Competition.

Steffi Walker(they/she) is an actor, writer and director. They've played Mercutio, a semi-carnivorous mermaid, and have written and performed a one-person show Baba's War- a comedy about intergenerational trauma. Their alter egos include drag priest Sweet FA, and Bare Cuntry, half of drag queen cowboy duo Cuntry & Westhern.


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