BFI Flare: Timothy Allsop on Queer Rural Connections

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Timothy Allsop

Talks to Harry Kingscote 

Actor-turned-filmmaker Timothy Allsop speaks to our film buff on-the-ground at BFI Flare Festival about his new doc, Queer Rural Connections.

Queer spaces have been historically considered to be cities, that's why we think of Brighton or London or San Fran when we think of queer communities, right? In this new documentary short, Timothy Allsop goes some way towards countering these metropolitan preconceptions. Queer Rural Connections is all about hearing the voices of queer people living outside the city, as well as cherishing and preserving spaces for us to be ourselves in rural areas. 

Timothy Allsop talks to our film-buff, Harry, about his long term passion project and what can be done to support queer people living in rural areas.



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