Natasha Lyonne's Queer Legacy.

Whether you know her as Inmate Nicky Nichols, Birthday Girl Nadia or Cheerleader Megan. Russian Doll star, Natasha Lyonne has been gracing our screens since the late 90's, often in the most delightfully queer ways. The Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress and producer took to instagram on Saturday to announce that she will be hosting Saturday Night Live on the 21st of May 2022; alongside Korean-American solo musical group Japanese Breakfast. The variety/sketch show that debuted in 1975 has amassed a huge international audience with the likes of Adele Adkins, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga taking to the stage to host. Lyonne has amounted massive success in the last few years, and not only are we here for it now but we always have been, and here's why...

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5. 'Big Mouth' Suzette / Nadia Vulvokov

As always with Big Mouth, we'd better tread carefully. However, fans of the star were surprised when they noticed she had a small recurring role in the series. That of Jays' um... love interest? Yeah, back to treading carefully. In fact, the less said about this one the better. But if the role of a promiscuous foul-mouthed pillow was going to go to anyone... it went to the right person. Not to mention, an episode in season 4 featured the actress again; instead this time in the role of her 'Russian Doll' character Nadia Vulvokov. An interesting cross-over to say the least. In all honesty, we'll take whatever she decides to give us.

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4. 'Scary Movie 2' Megan Vorhees 

It's a glass-shattering moment when you realise who plays the young woman possessed in 'The Exorcist' inspired scenes in 'Scary Movie 2'. The franchise succeeded in establishing itself as what is arguably the most well-known series of satirical comedies to come out of the noughties. There can be no doubt that the actors that were cast throughout were a leading part of what launched the series to fame, with the likes of Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Shawn & Marlon Wayans guiding the franchise through their first few projects it was often the inclusion of special guest stars that really made the franchise shine. And as ever, Lyonne was no exception. Back-chatting a priest thats trying to exorcise you. 10/10 Natasha, thank you for this one.

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3. 'Russian Doll' Nadia Vulvokov

We should all absolutely be channelling our inner Nadia Vulvokov's. The world is messing with us and we should collectively, quite simply, not have it. All of our favourite qualities of hers' conveniently rolled up into one all encompassing role that is the characterisation of an existensial crisis, Nadia. Philosophically driven and perpetually under the influence is one of our favourite flavour combinations. And Lyonne embodies it so perfectly. EVERY. TIME.

2. 'Orange is The New Black' Nicky Nichols

One of the highest grossing shows to come to the streaming giant, Netflix. The show ran for seven series' between 2013 - 2019, as well as being one of the most popular shows of the 2010s, it was also pivotal in terms of LGBTQI+ representation, specifically lesbian and trans visibility and authenticity. Jenji Kohan, the shows' creator (the mind behind; Weeds and GLOW) gave us the modern day 'Nicky' inspired Lyonne that we know and love today. 

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1. 'But I'm a Cheerleader' Megan Bloomfield

This 1990s classic, is exactly that. The campy themes, over the top comedy and overtly queer cast are an absolute treat that help make this film. Set in the suburbs of what may be Arizona. A closeted cheerleader who comes to blows with her sexuality is sent to and in-patient residential rehabilitation centre. Just picture The Addams Family house, but...bright pink. And replace Angelica Houston as Morticia Addams with Rupaul as a "straight" councillor. I still see very little room for something to go wrong here. to be completely honest. Throw in a forbidden love between Natasha Lyonne and Clea Duvall, and it's safe to say you've got a winner.

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