Wedding planning: Top tips!

Wedding planning top tips 

Starting something you’ve never done before is always a challenge, but with this handy tick-list, your wedding day will soon take shape and you’ll be nothing but excited.  

When and where? 

Don’t set your heart on your date until you’ve booked your venue! 

If you’ve got a specific, memorable date to aim for, make this your top priority and book in for wedding showrounds sooner rather than later. 

Fancy a summer wedding?  Again, you need to get your showrounds booked in as summer wedding availability is always the first to get snapped up at any venue. 

If you’ve not got a preference as to the season or date you’ll find you have more options, and could get married quicker if that’s your plan.  Since the pandemic, weddings are a seven-days-a-week thing and you can get some immense venues for a brilliant price if you fancy a Wednesday in April or a Tuesday in October. 

Why not check out friends at Stirk House, Brinsop Court or James' Place?  

As soon as your date is booked, get your Save the Dates organized.  Check out the wonderful Designed By Natalie she’s part of the LGBTQ+ community and is one of the most talented wedding stationery artists.  

Your venue wedding co-ordinator will fill you in about booking someone to officiate the ceremony on your date (it’s essential – you check your local council for the rules where you live, too), and we heartily recommend you chat to That Celebrant Guy, the most brilliant, award-winning LGBTQ+ celebrant for fun, bespoke wedding ceremonies. 


The dreaded! You and your partner must set boundaries and manage each other’s expectations when it comes to budget. 

Only you know how much you can afford to spend.  If you want to spend big, that’s amazing (tag us in your pics, we wanna see!) If you want to keep it intimate and affordable, you’ll find there are lots of beautiful options available.  

Set your budget. Stick to your budget.  The rest will fall in to place.  


Obviously, only your favourite people get you celebrate with you!  However, you need to make your key decisions early.  If you want a wedding party, pick your Best People for any key roles (traditionally the Best Man, and the Bridesmaids – but Best People has a great Gaydio ring to it!) 

Deciding who you need to attend the ceremony and your reception is a key factor on setting your budget.  It determines the size of venue you will need which is an important point to consider. If you need to cut your budget, the easiest place to make big savings is on your wedding reception guestlist.  

Don’t stress – an evening invitation is still super-precious.  The people you want to attend will be happy to join you on your terms.  And if they’re not – maybe they simply don’t deserve a seat at your table! 


What will we wear?  What will we eat? What do we need to book? 

Take a breath and take your time.  You’ll see so many options as soon as you start following #weddingplanning on Insta!  When it comes to personal styling, browse your local boutiques online, visit wedding fairs and for the most incredible suits you’re in safe and stylish hands with Skopes.  When you go shopping, make a day of it.  Take people who you know will be supportive and honest with you, and trust your own instincts too.  Hair and makeup choices are best left until you settle on your clothing.   

We want it loud! 

Super-important if you want lots of music and entertainment at your wedding!  Many venues have music volume limits set by their local councils, especially if there are residents who live nearby.  If you’re envisaging a BIG, loud, music driven reception it’s essential that you check that your venue can accommodate before you pay your deposit.  


Enjoy yourself!  This is a period of time in your life that’s precious – there aren’t many times in your life that will be all about you and your choices.  If family or friends are stressing you out, remind yourself (and them) that it’s YOUR wedding day, and any choices are yours to make.  It’s going to be fabulous – start with the suppliers and venues in our feature and you can’t go wrong.  

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