Diversity and Inclusion at Parkdean Resorts

Belonging. One of five key values of Parkdean Resorts. As the UK's leading holiday park operator, a culture of belonging is something Parkdean Resorts strive to maintain - a family with strong friendship groups across their parks, offering a home from home where people feel safe and cared for.

Gaydio are proud to be partnering with the park operator throughout Pride Season to shine a spotlight on their inclusive policies and provisions to protect LGBTQ+ employees and guests at their resorts. 


We were lucky enough to visit a selection of Parkdean Resort's wonderful holiday parks to chat with employees at all levels of the business. From hospitality team and resort managers to entertainment team and operation directors, we heard just how much inclusion and belonging means to the team.

Parkdean's commitment to ensure they offer the best possible experience for their holidaymakers has earned them at least one British Travel Award every year since 2010. It's clear that thanks to a valued workforce in each area of the business, Parkdean Resorts are able to provide such experiences.

To discover more about the efforts Parkdean Resorts are making to put diversity and inclusion at the top of the agenda, click here.




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