Listen to the stories of some of the LGBTQIA+ Olympian and Paralympian athletes taking part in the Tokyo 2021 Games...

At the next Olympic Games, there will be a record number of out-LGBT competitors - but barriers to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans participation in sport continues to be hard to shake off. Prejudice remains rife all over the world, including in the U.K.

In celebrating the achievements of those who have beaten the stigma to get to the greatest sporting show on earth, we're bringing you the stories from some of the Tokyo games' LGBTQIA+ athletes, in their own words.

These features are produced by MIM with support from The Audio Content Fund


Georgia Simmerling

georgia simmerling

Kayla Miracle


Robyn Love

robyn Image Credit: Eurosport

Markus Thormeyer

markus Image Credit: Scott Grant, Swimming Canada

Moran Samuel

moran samuel Image Credit: Detlev Syeb, Daniel Rowing Centre

Julian Vernonsky

julian_vernonsky Image Credit: UKRowing

Jude Hamer

jude Image Credit: British Wheelchair Basketball

Laurie Williams

Laurie Williams Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Hawkeye

Chelsea Wolfe


Natalie Powell

natalie powell

Megan Jones


Stephanie Labbé

stephanie Image Credit: Canada Soccer

Celia Quansah


Aoife Cooke

aoife Image Credit: John Starrett

Tom Bosworth


Lauren Rowles

lauren Image Credit: British Rowing

Sanne Van Dijke

sanne Image Credit: Aniek Verschuur Fotografie - Zeth

Hannah Wilkinson

hannah wilkinson

Ria Percival

ria Image Credit: FIFA


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