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The capital of Austria has a rich gay history that has converted to present day. With a thriving gay and lesbian district, gay friendly hotels, and annual events Vienna gives you too many reasons not to visit this beautifully historic city.

Tolerant capital where tradition meets modernity

From tradition to contemporary lifestyle, laid back to out-there, and historic to modern, Vienna has something for everyone. The sheer diversity of the capital means one thing for gay and lesbian visitors in particular – the chance to be themselves.

In actual fact, the Austrian capital is one of the most tolerant and gay friendly cities in anywhere in Europe. Star transvestite Conchita Wurst who represented Austria at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest takes the same line: “No matter what bars and restaurants I go to, I’ve never encountered any hostility or experienced rejection. For me, Vienna is a very gay and lesbian friendly place”.

LGBT History

The famous Belvedere Palace was the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663–1736), who was reputed to have had intimate relations with members of the same sex. His no less impressive Winter Palace in Vienna’s historic city center opened to the general public a short time ago.

Just ten minutes’ walk away is the historic Kaiserbründl sauna, a meeting place for gay men as long ago as the nineteenth century – and to this day. Among its prominent customers was no less a figure than Archduke Ludwig “Luziwuzi” Victor (1842–1919), Emperor Franz Joseph’s gay brother.

Anyone looking to delve a little deeper into Vienna’s gay history would be well advised to go on one of the historic walking tours of “Vienna’s gayest locations” which are hosted at irregular intervals by the Vienna-based culture center QWIEN.

Where to Shop

Vienna’s longest shopping street, Mariahilfer Strasse is located right next door to the MuseumsQuartier. Here, hundreds of stores draw the crowds with their unique mix of fashion, jewelry and accessories. Smaller shops can be found lining the side streets concentrated around Neubaugasse and the romantic cobbled streets of Spittelberg, where cult fetish boutique Tiberius has a well-established retail presence. But anyone looking for a more luxury experience should head for Kärntner Strasse, Graben, Kohlmarkt and the Goldenes Quartier in the old town.

"Stroll around Naschmarkt, and it’s not just the colors and aromas of fruits, vegetables and spices that you notice,” explains historian and QWIEN president Andreas Brunner. “It goes without saying that lesbian and gay couples come here walking hand in hand to do their weekend shop".

Where to Stay

With so many different districts in the city, you are spoilt for choice with where to stay and all of them are in an affordable price range.

But if you're looking for somewhere special, the 25Hours Hotel is the place to be. The hotel symbolises the tradition-steeped institution that is the circus. It is surreal, surprising and sexy; a place that plays with fantasies and the exotic. Here, the lines between imagination, reality, space and time are blurred. For more information, check out their website - here

Our Vienna Broadcasting Location: Café Drechsler

In 2007 the doors of this coffee house jewel along Vienna’s Wienzeile-Street re-opened. After careful remodeling by Conran & Partners, Cafe Drechsler now presents itself as a café in 21st century style. As such it continues the tradition that began with Engelbert Drechsler’s family in 1919 – to be a traditional meeting place for guests who appreciate typical coffee house specialties, classical Viennese coffee house cuisine with seasonal accents, and a relaxed atmosphere day or night. For more information visit

How to get there

The wide range of flights offered by Austrian Airlines bring the most important ecconomic centres of Central Eastern Europe and interesting cities much closer. Book your flight with Austrian Airlines today and profit from low rates and top service during flights.

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