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  • Language: Hebrew, Arabic & English
  • Gay Marriage: Recognised
  • Scene: World Renowned & Vibrant
  • Currency: NIS (New Israeli Shekel)
  • Typical Cost: £450.00

To discover what Israel really has to offer, start in Tel Aviv with its famous cosmopolitan 24 hour culture! It's no wonder that Israel is the land of creation and Tel Aviv is a prime example from it's friendly and diverse neighbourhoods to it's year round cultural calendar it has something for everyone.

Art & Culture

Tel Aviv is the second most populated city in Israel, and is known as The White City thanks to having the highest concentration of Bauhaus style buildings in the world.

A highlight in 2014 is the Laila Lavan (White Night) which is a special annual event held in Tel-Aviv where the city's cultural venues stay open all night and other activities and attractions are on offer, many for free. In 2014 Tel-Aviv Laila Lavan will be held at June 26th.

With a gay scene that competes with all gay capitals around the world Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride Week in early June is one not be missed!

Where to Eat

If you're a foodie then Tel Aviv will be the ideal destination to really get your teeth in to the melting pot of flavours.  From falafel and shawama to an array of affordable, tasty and authentic food that will leave you salivating for more, to the chic and gastronomical eateries that have made the city famous you have something for everyone. In the city that never sleeps you will find your flavour in this unique destination.  

From more sushi bars anywhere outside of Tokyo to street food and a Michelin Stared restaurant. Of course if you fancy fast food, there is an amazing choice of local and gourmet burger bars to the more global names. What makes Tel Aviv a unique dining destination is the variety of restaurants that can cater for all requirements.  From Italians that are wheat and gluten free to vegan and organic restaurants and of course kosher or non kosher.  Kosher means that either meat or dairy will be served and opening times will vary due to the sabbath (Friday afternoon to Saturday at sunset) so it can be worth planning in advance.

Where to Shop

Tel Aviv has many popular open-air markets where you can find yourself a bargain. From the antique market by the Dizengoff fountain, to the farmers market in "Ha'tachna/Old train station" to the famous Carmel and Nachalat Binyamin in the heart of Tel Aviv and the Jaffa flea market you can be sure to find some beautiful memories

But if you want to check out some designer goods then try Kikar HaMedina, a huge circle assembled of designer boutiques. For shopping malls with some western retail therapy then there is Azrieli Center, Ayalon Mall and the central shopping destination Dizengoff Center Mall.

Where to Stay

With a diverse selection of hotels in the city, and all offering spectacular views, you can find something within your price range.

Prices are around £80 per night ($130) for luxury accommodation. But cheaper boutique hotels may not have the luxury amenities like the big brand hotels but have found a loyal following with guests who like the personal touch. Prices here vary around £50 per night ($83).

How to get there

Easyjet fly to Tel Aviv from Manchester, Luton and Gatwick direct as well as from 5 major cities across Europe. On arrival at Ben Gurion Airport you can easily get the train, bus or a taxi into Downtown Tel Aviv. With a fast and reliable bus and rail transport system, you can be in the city or on the beach in no time at all.

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