Pronouns: They / Them

Charlieeeee... is an award-winning producer, engineer, songwriter and creative director, and has collaborated with the likes of RAYE, Fred again.., MNEK, piri & tommy and venbee, to name a few. They are also the founder of the Trans Creative Collective, a production company described as “a safe space for trans+ creators and allies in the arts, music & film.” Launched in 2022, the collective’s aim is to help connect, upskill and provide opportunities within creative industries to the trans+ community and allies through socials, workshops and mentoring.

Charlieeeee's blends elements of indie with the relentless energy of drum & bass and jungle breakbeats, all seasoned with an infectious, hyper-pop-inspired top line. Their sound is delightfully lively, which translates into wild, high-energy live performances - new single ‘SUNBURN’ was created with the summer in mind, and blends seamlessly into soundtracks for sun-soaked summer evenings. 

Charlieeeee shares: “Sunburn is about when you have a great time with someone but you might have flown a little too close to the sun! Maybe you got burnt but at least you had fun doing it! And ultimately the pain will always fade, and you do it all over again… This song, for me, is what I see as quite a common experience (especially among the queer community) about being in love with your best friend.”

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