The About Bit

Neil Sexton & Debbie Ryan aka NDebz are accomplished radio personalities with a collective experience working for both the BBC and the commercial sector, in radio and TV. Their highly infectious style has seen them achieve record listening figures to the Sony, Arquiva, BT Digital Music Award winning Gaydar Radio. The duo have a natural empathy with their fiercely loyal audience and have been described by The Guardian as "very successfully taking on the mainstream breakfast shows with their largely reactionary chatter" 

Neil & Debbie have interviewed the likes of George Michael, Matthew Morrison, P!nk, Emma Thompson, Boy George, Stephen Fry, Elton John and Foxes. Their interview with Jonathan Ross made national headlines when he revealed for the first time to Neil & Debbie that one of his daughters is gay.

Hear their show Saturdays from 10am on Gaydio. 


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