San Fran Next Round

So you've made it through to the next round of our San Fran Competition. Congratulations.

We'll be flying from Manchester Airport with Thomas Cook Airlines on Sunday May 14th and if you act quickly, you could be joining us. 

Do you remember Don't Forget Your Toothbrush with Chris Evans? Each week the audience would turn up with their bags backed ready-to-go and they played for a holiday that flew out that day. 

You're so close to doing the same thing. We are only inviting 2 couples to play for the holiday though, so if you can meet the conditions below and are one of the first to reply to this email there's a 50/50 change you'll be coming to San Fran. 

Here's what you need to do:
- Check that you can join us to play the final round of the game on the morning of Sunday May 14th. This will be at Manchester Airport, but we will reimburse your train travel if you're not in the area. 

- Make sure that you are then able to stay out in San Francisco from May 14th, for 4 nights returning Thursday May 18th. You'll land back in the UK on the morning of Friday May 19th, so you'll need to book that time off work. (We can help sweet-talk your boss if needed!) 

- Be prepared to play a game on air and be aware that if you aren't the successful one of the two couples playing you'll be heading home. 

If you've said yes to the three points above, Get the form filled in below. You'll need to be quick, this round closes on 2nd May. So If you can enter, and want to play, and have a +1 who's also up for it and meets the criteria, get this form filled in.

If you get a call we'll talk you through the details and any questions you might have. 

Want to be first to San Fran with Gaydio and Thomas Cook Airlines? enter your details below and you could be first to San Fran!

Can't remember what the prize was? It's 2 return flights to San Fran with Thomas Cook Airlines, and 4 nights at King George Hotel.

It's really important you read through the below and agree in order to progress to the next round.

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