Giulia's first Brighton Pride

My first Brighton Pride.

I'm an Italian Journalist and I've just moved in this lovely city called Brighton.

Brighton Pride is well known all over the Europe because it's special, nobody knows why but everybody knows that is like that.  Fact.

I tried to discover the reason why people say that it is so gorgeous and that I HAD to be here once in life. And I did it.  I went around, meeting people and shooting this question: 

"Could you tell me why Brighton Pride is so special?"

I had a common answer "Because it's Brighton! Brighton is The Pride!"

I tried to capture the spirit of this day by the smiles of the people who were enthusiastically involved.  I had two days of such quality time just living and enjoying  the events. This is priceless. 

I saw lots of Pride in Europe and in Japan, where I lived a few years back, but in Brighton there is something different indeed.

Here is not a matter of LGBT... Community Pride, here is an entire City that is Proud to be politically Queer. And this is AMAZING! And it is a fact.  For me this is a Victory, the best one ever.

I want to thank Gaydio for this very interesting project as well as Emma and Chris for their kindness and professionalism.

See you soon!

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