Meet Johnny Wilde - AND Skylar.

Ami Jay finds out all about drag King Johnny Wilde - 
who's appearing on the main stage this year.

Fresh out of Brooklyn, New York is Johnny Wilde. As soon as he opens his mouth for that thick low American drawl to fall out, you may well believe you are talking to an authentic, stereotypical, NY taxi driver. He’s not afraid to say anything and it is probably best you keep an eye on your girl while he is around, he has quite a reputation with the ladies! Johnny’s style is almost formal, although with the top few buttons of his shirt open and his tie hanging loose around his neck it ruins the good
boy look.

Though as the phrase goes, behind every good man, is a good woman, the woman in this case is SKYLΔR. Having studied theatre for coming up to 7 years, and having played primarily male roles, Johnny’s character comes as second nature. With the Drag Queen scene so full of life, it’s strange as to why the Drag King scene is lacking. When on the subject of Drag Kings, the usual thought is of a character miming to a backing track which is why Johnny is such a rare entity.

As well as pursuing Johnny Wilde, SKYLΔR is also a professional musician backed by names such as New Era Caps, Hype Clothing and Sennheiser, which means that not only does Johnny sing live; he accompanies himself with his guitar. Building Johnny’s repertoire is a task in itself along with the many other Drag King commitments. Most of which adhere to the rugged look that makes up this character. 

For Johnny’s character to come to life it takes:
- Finding male clothes that fit well.
- Minimising SKYLΔR’s chest size.
- Cutting her hair to provide a realistic beard.
- Researching into the World of male stance, speech, mannerisms, etc.
- SKYLΔR adjusting her voice so that speech and live vocals come out in a masculine tone.

All of these steps to create a true Drag King require commitment and a state of mind that is ready to immerse into the character. Despite this being a fun cabaret show, designed to put people at ease with a subject they may not be familiar, the actual live performance is the easy part for SKYLΔR.
The preparation and dedication put into Johnny Wilde is what will see this Drag King live on for many years to come!

If you want to catch SKYLΔR performing live, as herself or Johnny, she will be at Cardiff Mardi Gras on the 31st August on the Main Stage and on the Admiral Stage. For more information on stage times and appearances please visit: and

Written by Ami Jay at AJM
For details on bookings please contact:

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