Scotswood community music festival

Scotswood Community Music Festival

Project pride volunteers Sam, Micheal & Amy went along to the Scotswood community music festival. There they chatted to local residents and artists to find out their thoughts on Pride, what it means to them and how it brings their community closer to the LGBT community.

Ladies of the Midnight Blues
Hanabieel Sanders (bass trombone & djembe)
Yils Suriel (congo dundun)

Ladies of the midnight blues have been together for 7 years starting in New Jersey, USA, they moved to Newcastle upon Tyne 3 years ago and been playing locally.  Their music is fun and energetic and gets all the crowd involved. They completely support Pride and do a lot for the LGBT community, the band said "its so nice to be able to bring communities together, we like to get people involved with our music.”

The ladies were fantastic to talk to and full off inspiration, here is some of there lyrics – ‘Take a stand, for what you believe in, convene your team, its time to rise up, decide what you’re willing to die for, clock is ticking, world is shifting’.

Drop Dead Fred
Name: fred aka Drop Dead Fred

Dj'ing for 12 years all over the UK, started off as an MC, he goes to local festivals as well as gets involved with local communities. He said the best part of working with people is giving them the confidence with music he is really looking forward to Northern Pride. He is unable to attended this year but gives his full support. Music is an important part of Pride as it gets people involved and really makes people feel good, he was really excited with acts and how diverse they were. We wish everyone a fantastic day, and encourages people to get involved in every way they can.

Jasmine Burns
Job role: Youth Worker at the Scotswood Natural Community Garden

Jasmine has never been to a pride so we asked her did she support it and what she thought it would be like. She said yes she fully supported it, because she feels its an event with no stigma and people can be themselves and express themselves. She said the festival is a massive confidence boost for people, not only the LGBT community, but for the whole community local business andother charities.

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