Jake Quickenden


X-Factor fitty answers some of our most pressing questions in preparation for Sheffield Pride! We’re wondering whether he could introduce us to Nicole Scherzinger – hot stuff. 

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Why did you want to perform at Sheffield Pride?
 I’d Heard so much about it, I was excited to do it.
Which other acts are you most looking forward to?
All of them!
Are you LGBT or a Straight ally?
Straight ally
What are your thoughts on Gay Marriage?
 I Think it's great 
How far would you go for gay rights?
I believe in equality for everyone!
What’s been your gayest moment?
Haha. I dunno really I just love my mates and we get up to all sorts! :)
Who would be your dream duet?
I would say Justin Timberlake!
Who is the most famous person you've ever met?
Nicole Scherzinger! 
What has been your most outrageous stage moment?
Getting underwear thrown at me.
Are you a "show ‘n’ go” act, or will you be sticking around for the rest of Sheffield Pride?
Sticking around for sure.
What kind of preparation do you go through before you take to the stage?
Bit of vocal warm ups and press ups!

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