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Win a doggy hamper being #DogKind

We’ve teamed up with the RSPCA to help spread the message about #DogKind

Be #DogKind

We want to make sure no one leaves their dog on it’s own longer than normal this Christmas. And to help spread the message we need your support! There could even be a prize in it for you!

Developed by dog behaviour experts and based on new research, our #DogKind campaign helps you better understand your dog's behaviour. Discover how to make your dog the happiest pooch on the block...

You love your dog and would do anything to make them happy. To your dog, you're the centre of their world and when you're away from them, they can find it incredibly difficult.

Many dogs simply don't know how to cope when their owner isn't at home. This is called separation related behaviour (or separation anxiety). Some dogs will bark or destroy things to show their feelings. While, others will simply sit there quietly, feeling worried.

Luckily there are loads of things you can try at home, whether you think your dog is suffering or not, to help them feel happier when they're home alone. Find out more today.

Win a dog hamper

Head over to Facebook, Twitter or Insta, and post a pic of your dog loving life in the run up to Christmas and tell us how you’re being #DogKind!

You can choose any Photo of your dog*, and tell us something as simple as "I wont be leaving him on his own

You NEED to use #DogKind for it to count, and make sure your posts are set to public otherwise we won't be able to see them!

To make sure we do see them Maybe tag Gaydio into them as well!

What can I win?

You could be in with a chance of winning a pooch hamper!
The 15 piece hamper includes a dog bed, dog toy, food, cooling mat, grooming brush, and best of all a Furbo camera to help keep an eye on your dog when you’re out.

Entries are open across the Gaydio network, along with Terms & conditions and photo guidelines apply they can be seen here and below. A winner will be drawn at random from posts uploaded on, or between 9th December 2019 - 22nd December 2019.

Photo Guidelines

We can’t wait to see pictures of your pooches for our giveaway! We want our winning pics to depict animals that are as happy, healthy and safe as can be, so please take a look at our handy competition guidelines for the happiest pups before sharing them. 

In the photo, your pet should be:
●    Happy and relaxed
●    Performing natural behaviour
●    Comfortable when interacting with people and other animals
●    Looking healthy (eyes, nose, coat condition, weight, etc)
●    In a safe and suitable environment

And finally, please don’t dress your pet up - unless the clothing is for their benefit e.g. to keep them warm. That means no fancy dress!

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

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