Does Size actually matter?

Let's face it; it's a debate that has raged on since the time of Adam and Steve but is there any need for your next boyfriend to be so XXL? We've crunched the numbers for all you size queens...

All About the Numbers

For a flaccid penis, the average size is about 3.6 inches. When erect, the average size is 5.16 inches

It’s not like you haven’t already gotten out a ruler and checked your size in the past, so you know how you stand in comparison to those measurements.

If you’re at or above those numbers, you should be feeling good. If you’re below them, you may be feeling insecure. The reality is that sometimes, these “averages” can be tough to pin down. What matters more is how you feel about your size – most of us want to be bigger.

But will anyone care if you’re marginally off the mark?

Does it actually matter?

In general, the consensus is: yes, size does matter – but only to a certain extent. Sadly there's not many studies amongst LGBT men so we have to stand in solidarity with our girlfriends to get the lowdown on whether size ACTUALLY matters.

1/3 of women in a recent study said that size was important. Others said that while they wouldn’t want something that was too big or small, how you’re able to work what you’ve got matters more than its size. Another popular opinion? Body confidence is in. While over 80% of women say they’re happy with the size of their man’s equipment, there’s no denying that sexual chemistry is a huge part of an overall relationship.

As the saying goes, it's not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean and we don't think anyone will be measuring your equipment if you can conjure up a sexual tsunami in the bedroom! 


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