No shorts at work? A skirt will do!

Ah, summer! We all love those two and a half days of uninterrupted sunshine that we get every year - except when we're stuck at work! What's worse than being stuck in work? Being stuck in work with a strict dress code! 

20-year-old Joey Barge did what any sane person would've done in this weather and turned up to work in (rather smart) tailored shorts. Except this didn't fly for his buzz kill bosses who promptly sent him home from work because his shorts were 'inappropriate'. Boo.

Not to be deterred, Joey had a nifty solution to the problem...



You've got to hand it to Joey, he's serving SCREW YOU REALNESS to his bosses, who quickly saw the error of their ways....

AMAZING work Joey! Maybe we should all get out our favourite little black number next time we're stuck in work with a killjoy boss?


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