Ant Nichols

Ant Nichols is a UK based radio & nightclub DJ, club promoter and music producer. Since the age of just 15 years old Ant has calved a successful DJ career across a total of just over 20 radio stations including KissFMUK, The Galaxy Network, Capital Network and Key 103 Manchester, as well as over 50 nightclubs across the UK and played in 8 countries. Ant is also currently the Operations Director of the music brand ‘Decadance’.

Music for Ant started with breaking a pair of decks belonging to a mate whilst learning to mix in his home city of Brighton. After agreeing to fix them it was obvious to Ant he needed to get some gigs to pay for the repairs! His career since then has incorporated beach parties, street parties, rooftop parties, nightclubs and festivals, as well as his radio shows and music columns in newspapers and magazines.
Ant is currently resident at the Decadance popup parties which you can find out more about here ( You can also catch Ant playing at various other nights.
If you want to get involved in Ant’s world of upfront music, track listings and to see where you can catch him playing next then search for @antnicholsuk on any of the main social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can download mixes, listen back to shows and get more information on festivals and all things music related.


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