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Brett Harris

Chaos for the commute - Weekday Afternoons from 4pm

Brett wraps up your day with the biggest bops, the latest trends with just a splash of chaos.

Brett takes a look at what's trending right now and delivers the playlist to see you through. You can get involved with the show too and have your say on the daily 'Bop or Flop'.

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About Brett

Brett Harris

Niche X Factor References, McDonalds and Lady Gaga pretty much sums Brett up.

After taking the reins of Gaydio Afternoons in October 2021, the show has snowballed into a non-stop meme machine.

Brett started out in radio back when he was a student at Staffordshire University and then going on to work behind-the-scenes in sales and creative until arriving at Gaydio HQ. A huge fan of pop music and social trends, you'll often find Brett endlessly scrolling through "Gay Twitter" and sniffing out the latest bops from the "Main Pop Girls".

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