About Kriss

Kriss Herbert

Kriss has always had an interest in radio, when he was young he had 2 cassette players and used to talk between the songs. After growing up (slightly) he went to Uni to do computing, realising this was a bit too boring dropped out at the end of year one and went back to Uni to study TV and Radio.

Whilst at Uni he got involved in the student radio station where he became the deputy station manager (The station still exists today Shock Radio). Produced the daytime shows and also had his own daytime show, and evening dance show. This led on to more work on some station called Gaydio where he started presenting Friday and Saturday nights. Other than Breakfast and the “drive time” show he has presented all timeslots. He currently can be found Afternoons 1-4, He’s always been the voice starting your Saturday night .

He’s worked for other local stations and BBC radio and is a Expierienced DJ, filling clubs from Brighton to Aberdeen and of course gaydio’s Dance arena at Manchester Pride 2013 & 2014.

Twitter @krissherbert | Mixlcloud @krissherbert | Souncloud @Krissherbert

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