S5. Ep 24. Two Gays and the Pop'n'Olly Party

My Big Gay Podcast

Wednesday, 4 October 2023 - 60 minutes

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Season 5: Episode Twenty-Four. Benji and Brad are joined by the wonderful Olly Pike, who is the Chief Executive Unicorn of Pop’n’Olly. The boys discuss all things LGBTQ+ education in schools and how changes are being made to create an inclusive society. Benji and Brad also play a brand new game with Olly where they throwback to some of their favourite cartoons of the 90s! Plus, Benji opens up about his social anxiety and how he is overcoming this by joining gay social groups in London, where things haven’t quite gone to plan just yet!

A special shout out to our FWB for the month of August!

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