The 90\'s Rewind with Gunny

Hi and welcome to my page on the Gaydio website!

More on The 90's Rewind soon, but first, a bit about moi...

I've worked in the radio industry since the late 1980's and been to many places (not as many as Nicksy!), but predominantly the North East, Yorkshire, North West, the Midlands and Wales. Locally, I enjoyed my own late night talk show on Signal FM in Stockport around 2000 (blimey that was a while then!) and Billy Grant was doing the phones there with me...all great fun and rather naughty at times!!

Nowadays i'm a radio and tv voiceover artist and you may have heard my voice on the smash hit game Grand Theft Auto IV - I loved the swearing it was fab!! Plus, i'm Gaydio's Head Of Business Development, so it keeps me busy.

I was born in the North East in the late 60's, so in gay years i'm 28(!) but always had a great love of Manchester, have some wonderful friends here and vowed 10 years ago to move here, so I finally landed for good in 2010!

My husband (yes, we got married in Canada in July 2011!) is American and I love him to thought: never think that a long distance relationship can't work, it can if you want it to - and I have to say thank you to Skype!!

I'm proud of my gay roots and history and it's a pleasure to be doing stuff on Gaydio. I think it's a milestone in both ours and broadcasting history, when a city like Manchester, which has some amazing cultural diversity and history, can offer a service like Gaydio does to the LGB&T community both here and around the UK and world online plus mobile platforms. Plus, we all know the straights love us too and have a sneaky listen!! ;oP

You might hear me presenting shows on the daytime schedule every now and again, but my home is Sunday evenings straight after The Loop and before Nicksy, where I get to play some of the 90's songs that commercial radio just won't play and that you pick!

The 90's Rewind

So whether you are a pop, indie, dance or rock fan, however eclectic your taste, throw some song ideas at me and i'll see if I can play them for you. I'm always around on the night on the Facebook page, on Twitter @gaydio, you can message via the website here, or drop me a text 84100, start your message with the word 'gaydio' - perhaps the one song, or maybe I could play your 90's Three-wind? Let me know your three favourite songs from that decade and you could be getting them played on the show.

We take a look at the music news this week from the 90's and also reveal a big album from that decade and play a couple of tracks from it. It's like going into a big washing machine full of memories and there's a few funny lines in there too.

Hope to catch you Sunday...don't be late, you might have missed one of your favourites.

See you at 8!

love n massive hugs,

Gunny xx

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