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A Queer Christmas! Bethan Marlow reveals all about her new show.

It might be summer but Bethan Marlow is busy preparing 
a Gay Christmas show for Swansea. 
Read on to find out how YOU could be involved....

I've taken on the task of creating an alternative Christmas show on the high street of Swansea called 'A Queer Christmas'! Why? Because I want to give the LGBT community of Swansea a stage for their voices to be heard. I think Swansea gets ignored, sometimes even forgotten and at times just thought of as a city that's "not Cardiff" and so I'm passionate about bringing song, dance and theatre onto the streets- it's going to be as camp as Christmas! 

The way it works is like this- a creative team of professionals that are very experienced in their field will come over to offer FREE workshops to the LGBT community of Swansea in acting, dancing, singing, art, filmmaking, scriptwriting and food art. These workshops will be a place to gain skills and experience and also to meet new people, give everyone a boost of self-confidence and give us all a sense of belonging. The work that's created in the workshops will become a part of the main production where professional actors will collaborate with you all to tell one great story.

If you want to take part then please email info@messupthemess.co.uk for more info.

If you can't take part the come join us on Dec 6th-8th for a theatrical journey on the high street of Swansea- into locations you know very well and others you've never entered. This site-specific production will raise awareness, highlight and celebrate queer life over the last decades in an entertaining, immersive and inspiring production.
We'll have a gay old time!

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