Daryl Oprey from Humberside Fire Service explains why they're sponsoring Pride

Daryl Oprey talks through Humberside Fire Service's involvement in pride 
and explains why they're sponsoring the event too....

Why is the fire service keen to sponsor Hull Pride?
We are an inclusive and non discriminatory service which is paid for through council tax and central government. We often deal with members of society who are made more vulnerable through marginalization. Humberside Fire and Rescue service sponsoring Hull Pride shows that we conspicuously support all members of society.

What exactly is the fire service doing to sponsor Pride and what will it be doing on the day? 
We were the first public sector organisation in Humberside to fly the Rainbow flag on our premises prior to both Hull and Grimsby Pride. Many others have now followed this lead. We also have taken out a full page safety advert in the guide, we host some of the planning meetings and of course have a fire engine there for visitors to see. This year we will see the return of the Head of Safety appearing again to perform YMCA on stage.  We will also be taking the Humberside Pride flag down to Brighton Pride where it will be displayed during the parade.

Why is Pride important to me. 
I do not come from this city but have lived here for six years and I am proud of the area even though it struggles to get positive recognition. Not only as Head of Safety for Humberside but also as the Chief Fire Officers Association National Lead for Equality and Diversity I am honored to represent them on the day. I believe that we should all be able to openly demonstrate who we are without fear of repression or intimidation and Pride gives a great opportunity to show how we live together as a homogeneous diverse and friendly city.

Do you have a message for those attending.
Your Emergency Services do a lot more than just protect you from harm. Help us to help you all to stay safe. HAVE FUN.

Pride in three words
Brilliant family day.

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