Your thoughts about pride.

We asked you to come forward with some of your thoughts and stories about Northern Pride, below are just a few of them.

Laura - what my partner means to me...

Laura is a lesbian who is going out with some who is trans, they have been together for two years. Both will be attending Northern Pride this year. Laura says the best thing about being with her partner is seeing her get happier and happier as time gets on.

Laura has been to pride before, she can’t wait for this year, she said the best thing is meeting new people, being with all her friends and getting involved with the march.

Laura loves going down the pink triangle because she says the atmosphere is so amazing and is a judgement free zone.

Chris Jones - his first pride

As this is your first pride, what are you expecting?

Basically to meet new people and make new friends, but also to experience the excitement of the event.

How do you think Pride has influenced society over the years?

People have got far more accepting over the years. In the North East we can now walk around without judgement or fear of abuse.

Josh ‘Ruffneck’ Hemmer | Age 19
Job role: Sound and Light Technician
Organisation: Bede’s World

Josh came out at work this year, he got outed when he was out with work
colleagues, and he said he had been to a gay bar, they then asked was he
gay, he said yes. The reposnse he got from his work was fantastic, he said
it gave him more confidence. The way they reacted was so positive,
it helped his self esteem grow. He quotes the best thing about being gay
in the work place is going to work and being yourself, with no judgements.

Amy Beton | Age 22
Job role: Youth Worker
Orientation: Trans

How was it coming out to friends and family?
Generally its been really good. I've been shocked by how positive people’s reactions have been. People have donated clothes, which has really boosted my confidence. Going to support groups have been amazing, I have made some great friends and also they have helped educate me. Its the first year we have a trans tent which is a huge step forward bringing trans together with the whole community. I really can’t wait, I hear they’re holding a lot of stuff from games, education and support for people. Im so happy to be part of this big day for the trans community. I have been to pride for a few years and seen it grow and grow, this year there are bigger acts and a more community feel and a lot more diversity.

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