Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage

Nottinghamshire's rainbow heritage

For Project Pride: Nottinghamshire Gaydio kindly received a lot of help and support from "Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage." As a thankyou, we wanted to let you know a little bit about this fantastic organisation.

Starting back in January 2008, Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage began a massive undertaking collating LGBT history through pictures, articles and personal stories. They regularly organise events surrounding pride and LGBT history month. Throughout their many busy years they have amassed a huge library of audio, video, photographic and written material. They kindly offer their massive resource of materials for your LGBT displays and events.

How you can help:

If you are part of the LGBT community in Nottinghamshire then you can help. They are looking for old LGBT magazines and newspapers, flyers or programmes for events. You may have badges, newspaper cuttings, photographs or letters from well-know LGBT people. You could add to a very important and ever expanding library.

Don't let any part of history pass by, donate what you can.

Look out for Rainbow Heritage at this year’s pride - say hello and make sure you get involved.

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