Trans Memorial Garden Official Opening

Trans Memorial Garden Official Opening 14/07/2013

The Trans memorial gardens, is a space given over to for the Trans Community to give thanks to those that have passed on, gone from our sight but never our memories. We will now have a space that is given over to the memory of those gone. There will be a monument and at some point a park bench, to sit and just contemplate.

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Sackville Gardens a small event took place which may well shake the world. The first Trans Memorial Garden was officially handed over to the Trans community. Jenny-Anne Bishop gave an Introductionary speech to start the event . I was asked then to say a few words , those that know me realise this comes with a great deal of passion and emotion. A start, Spring and Autumn as we hand this to the youth our spring, boys and girls from us the Autumn giving way to future summers to come.

To all things there must be a start and the gratitude must go to the girls who several years ago tried to get this project under way. They paved the way for us to stand on their shoulders and I for one am so proud to have been able to do so. How do you thank the people, who have made this fantastic START to our garden. As with all, gushing praise. This seems so inadequate for the work done, often unseen.

Tony Cooper who I am so lucky to class as a friend, an openly gay man owner of Via. Tony helped the trans community because this man cares and wears those feelings on his sleeve for all to see. Tony put some of his own money into this and he worked with the council to help facilitate the memorial Gardens creation. Tony gave a speech handing the garden to us. I for one thank him for all his work.

Astrid Walker, who brought the idea back to life at a meeting of the friends of Sackville Gardens. There Tony with myself and Astrid picked up the baton we then involved many people who have helped.

Angela Corke gave a speech which moved everyone present with passion and tears did flow. The idea was from Angela so we thank her so much.

Now I must add the following thanks for their donations as with all money plays a part to make this world move along. Angela Corke, Transforum and Unique (Wales) And Manchester Concord gave to help pay for the Garden. So again thanks to the people who facilitated this with donations and Tony.

The Gardens are a Worlds first . As such we need help to make them so special. Plants and expertise in the garden are needed now and we will be asking for this to be given. It is time for us to pick up the torch now and make the garden the place of tranquillity and peace it always was meant to be.

So things to still happen 25th to the 27th of July 2013 the statue will be carved in place. This will be a sight to behold I am sure chainsaw artist yorkshirecarver. I for one can’t wait. Then in November the whole garden will be dedicated and a blessing given. This is to be fully agreed but I am sure we will have an event to be so proud of.

So here we are at the Beginning not the end. This will be a space above all to remember those who have helped and sometimes lost in the search for inclusion and dignity, these must become a by word for being trans. We are no longer silent and with help we will be heard. We are not Islands anymore, inclusion will become our watchword. As we hold each other above a world that sometimes seems so cruel. To all go with peace and love.

Dawn Pomfret

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