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Competition Winners


BN1 Daniel Mawji
BN1 Nick Lansley
BN1 Natalie Crossan
BN1 Thomas Barber
BN1 Jo-Anne Richards
Kylie Pat Healy
kylie Lucy Tricker
Kylie Ralph Taylor
Kylie Robert Stephenson
Kylie Roneeta Campbell-Butler
Rong Emma Brandon
Rong Ruben Fernandez
Rong Jarvis Thompson
Rong Gary Wilson
Rong Nigel Servante
CDC Events Nathan Moran
Southport OCT joanne casey
TCX: NY Oct Andrew Hindley
Farm Fest donna large
Y&Y 1 Karl gregory
Y&Y 2 Ian Scrase
Bananarama 1 Zack England White
Bananarama 2 Leanne Robinson
Land Beyond 1 Alistair Inwood
Land Beyond 2 katrina walsh
Land Beyond 3 Man Tat Chung
Land Beyond 4 Simon Tutthill
Land Beyond 5 Thomas Byrne
Brirmingham Pride Chris Jenkins
Electroland Roy Algar

Whilst we will try to keep this list up to date if you have entered a competition and it is not listed here and has ended, please email competitions@gaydio.co.uk 


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